Channel 13!

The back story...

In 2009 I started working Gate. I was given a radio and soon realized that I needed to record that shit! In 2010 I did just that. This page is home to everything I have created with these recordings. There is more to come!

If you enjoy listening to all this jackassery—consider dontating a few bucks to my cause. It actually takes an unhealthy amount of time to parse hundreds of hours worth of recordings. I am still gonna do it, but you know, art isn't free.

— Shannanigans
600 F. St. Ste. 3 #702
Arcata CA., 95521

Radios Are Fun! New

This track will hold it's own, but it's better if you have listened to all the other randio banter below.

Special thanks to the following:

  • Buckdown - Artwork
  • Feral Kid - Photography
  • Kiro - Mastering
  • Miss Roach - For reading porn on the radio.
  • And all the other jackasses that shouldn't have a radio!

Don't You Know
Who I Think I Am? New


Thanks to:

  • Kiro - Mixing and Mastering
  • Buckdown - Guitar Solo

Collect Them All

These are some songs I made for Gate. There are links to lyrics as well, but they are also embeded in the mp3's. This means they will show up on your iOS device. I am not sure about Android. There are too many flavors to be sure.

Greeters To Gate - 2014

It only took 20 minutes to get to the Gate from Greeters. But there were some laughs along the way.

Channel 13 - 2012

I listen to it all and pull out all the stuff I think you will like. Some of it isn't compeltely laugh-out-loud funny, but all of it will ensure you never get to run for public office.

Channel 13 - 2010

The random sound bite collection has things like "Go for ________" along with Breaks, Copies, 10-9's and other miscellanious crap. I wouldn't put it in your iTunes library but it is great for ring-tones which a few people wanted.